Switch to Automatic Sliding Door to Prevent Corona Virus

Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), as a safety protocol to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 virus, many businesses are thinking on how to create a safer and more hygienic experience for employees and customers, many businesses have started offering contactless solutions to their employees and customers. Doorways is considered to be one of the most touched surfaces in places such as public bathrooms, hospitals, offices, retail stores, and restaurants.

Installing Automatic doors are one of the easy solution to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses by creating a touch-free access to premises that customers and employees have to use frequently

Automatic Door Applications

  • Hospitals, operation theatres, laboratories
  • Residential homes to assist with limited mobility
  • Food processing companies and restaurants
  • Schools and colleges to prevent contagion between students
  • Accommodation & hospitality providers such as hotels, resorts and pubs

While these are some of the most common applications and industries, touchless automatic doors can be considered by all businesses.


Easy Accessibility

In high-traffic areas, automatic doors have been more durable and less disruptive to traffic movement allowing everyone commute easily without any congestion, regardless of their age or physical capabilities.

Prevent Spread of Diseases

The hands-free operation of automatic doors offer contactless and safe passage in or out of the premises. It also prevent the entry of dust and dirt particles by increasing the air quality inside the room.

Energy Efficiency

Automatic doors contributeeffectively to energy saving and reduce heating and cooling costs drastically. Doors open only when someone comes nearby and automatically close when the person pass the doorway by eliminating the doors being left open.

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