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  • 11 Aug 2021

Aluminium Anodising – Advantages and Benefits

As you all know, Aluminium is one of the most widely used metal in the world. People prefer aluminium for its availability, light weight, corrosion resistance and reasonable price.

Anodising is the treatment process for protecting the outer layer of aluminium in which an electrochemical process is used to form an oxide layer on the material. Another interesting factor is that no additional layer is applied to the aluminium during the process of anodising. Anodising only creates a new layer that is built up from the existing aluminium itself.

Anodised Aluminium Benefits

The main purpose for anodising is to protect the aluminium. Thanks to the unique process, it increases the corrosion resistance and the material retains its appearance for longer period. Anodising creates a hard layer that properly protects the aluminium. That in turn making it an extremely durable building material.

Anodised Aluminium Advantages


Anodized products are extremely durable and have longer life span and offer significant economic advantages as they are more resistant to wear and tear from normal handling and usage.

Easy Maintenance

Anodised aluminium  requires only low maintenance. Cleaning  with mild soap and water will restore an anodized surface to its original appearance easily. Mild abrasive cleaners can also be used for more difficult deposits.


With aluminium being one of the most recyclable materials available, anodised aluminium can be reused multiple times making at highly environment friendly material

Health and Safety

Anodizing is a safe method that is not harmful to living beings. An anodized finish is non reactive, it will not decompose. Anodising creates a an external dirt repellent surface that can meet high standards of hygiene.

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