Advantages of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding doors and windows are more than a functional element of your building. In addition to providing flow of traffic as an opening from the interior to the exterior, they offer several benefits to enhance your living spaces and your well-being. The ergonomic design of sliding doors provides the perfect balance between easy inter operability and functionality.

It’s important to mention that the primary materila of the frame of your doors plays an integral role as the glass in maintaining the structural integrity of the doors. At Interglass Co LLC, we offer a wide variety of aluminium sliding doors to help you create the perfect ambience.



Aluminium is a strong material and the sliding frames made of this metal are bound to withstand the test of time.Solid built sliding doors with aluminium and tempered glass gives an added durability to your sliding doors. You also get additional protection from heat, pollution, UV rays etc. Aluminium and glass resist wear and tear, insects, termites, corrosion, and rust

Increased Natural Light

The large glass panes in sliding doors allow a lot of natural sunlight reflect into the interior during daytime. This helps turn your interior into an energy-saving zone and cut down on your monthly energy bills. At the same time, natural light increases positive energy levels and makes your home more welcoming and inviting.

Space Saving

Sliding doors does not need clearance to swing open the doors compared to traditional hinged door, a sliding door allows optimium space utilisation. This is an especially important benefit for small or narrow spaces hence it is commonly used in commercial spaces and shower cubicles


Aluminium sliding doors increases the energy-efficiency of your home and offices. Interglass Co LLC offers double-glazing and triple glazing configurations to regulate indoor temperature.


There was a time when safety was a major concenr while installing a sliding doors but not anymore. At Interglass we use toughened, safety glass, which is shatterproof and does not yield easily to force or temperature changes. Providing multi-point locking mechanism in aluminium sliding door track and installing automatic doors is also a standard practice for additional safety and security.

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