Quality Policy

We at INTERGLASS CO.LLC are committed to comprehensive Customer Satisfaction. The quality management strategies INTERGLASS CO.LLC are in line with international standards of total quality management systems, which ensures providing our clients with products and services that meet or exceed their requirements and expectations.
We provide total quality commitment to our customers and guaranteed this by adopting the following fundamental principles with our business,

  • To ensure quality in everything we manufacture
  • To fully understand and clearly define our customer and supplier requirements, in order to meet their expectations
  • To involve all our staff, fully utilizing their skills and capabilities in developing our working practices
  • To create an environment for continuous improvement in the quality of our products & services

Meeting the requirements of these standards requires regular prompt reviews and auditing activities in a systematic manner to identify potential problems and introducing preventative solutions, thereby providing
a basis for continuous improvement.

INTERGLASS CO.LLC company recognize quality as an essential element that provides the company with its continued success within its Architectural aluminium facade industry. Consequently it is the INTERGLASS CO.LLC policy to provide our clients with products and services which fully meet their specified requirements and expectation and
comply with relevant regulation codes and standards.

Policy Implemented in all areas of Operations by:

  • Ensuring a clear understanding of our client requirements
  • Providing the resources to achieve the quality objectives
  • Study and understand the current and future needs and expectations of consumers of our products constantly.
  • Guarantee the delivery of products in accordance with the relevant requirements.
  • Reduction in Non-Conformities as a result of good planning and manufacturing practices, procedures are planned around the prevention of defects and where non conformities do occur, it is our objective to provide a fast efficient response to correct the non-conformity and prevent recurrence.

The advanced fabrication unit at INTERGLASS CO.LLC facilitates quality control checks at every stage of the fabrication process.
Hence consistency in the quality of aluminium and glass products is assured at all times.

Full Quality Management System (QMS) is applied to ensure that the quality of products & services that are delivered. Our organization has a specified Quality Management manual (QM) for Quality procedures, work instructions, job description and records to identify management resources & responsibilities.

INTERGLASS CO.LLC priority is to achieve the highest standards of performance its business operations and in the dealings with customers and suppliers. This quality policy supports these objectives and is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the company.


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