CSR and Employee Welfare

INTERGLASS CO.LLC has been a part of various CSR events and functions. We consider ourselves to be responsible for the society and do our part towards a betier future for generations to come.

The management of INTERGLASS CO.LLC have been an active part of various charitable events and sponsorships.

We have been sponsoring several under privileged children for their education and well-being in India and other parts of the world.

We have also been a part of UAE Ramadan Charitable events such as distribution of food kits to labor camps, filling for Ramadan fridges, financial and moral support to various blue collared employees.

INTERGLASS CO.LLC follows a policy of planting 100 trees every year in the month of March as a part of their celebration of company formation.

We have been supporting our staff in various forms for their welfare and believe in working together as a team bridging the gap between employer and employee. We have also conducted various workshops for our employees to enhance their technical skills as well as giving them chance for learning a new technique or skill as per market trend requirements.

INTERGLASS CO.LLC will take all efforts to continue their support to all levels of society.


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