The Significance of Double Glazed Windows

What are double glazed windows?

They are normal windows that consist of two panes of glass within a single window frame. The two pieces of glass panes are separated by a spacer, creating a gap filled with air or gas. The spacer is made of metal or polymer strip, usually with a drying agent to drain out any moisture residue.

In this post, we are going to describe you about the 4 important properties of double glazed windows and how they work together efficiently:

The window frame

Over the years, window frames have been mainly made of wood, but today some of the best double glazed windows come with aluminium and uPVC frames.

Aluminium windows are exceptionally strong and weather resistant. It increases the security of homes and businesses by its strength and functions efficiently for years to come

The Glass Panels

Glazed windows earned their name from having two panes of glass. A window with two layer of glass slows down the transfer of heat between indoor and outdoor environment,

Double glazed windows can be made with specialty glass, for instance solar control, reflective, low-e and toughened glass.

Energy efficiency

Double glazing glass significantly reduces the amount of heat that enters or exits an indoor space there by, producing a room cooler during the summer and a warmer during the winter.

Double glazed aluminium windows are becoming more popular with the rise in energy prices and increased concern over environmental sustainability. Although double glazed aluminium windows can cost more than regular windows, it does offer a range of benefits – making it a smart investment in the long run.

Sound Proofing

Double glazing windows are also great if you want to boost the soundproofing for your space. This is because windows are thicker and more effective compared to normal windows by reducing the noise that can enter the building. This is especially useful for buildings near roads, airports and main cities with lots of traffic.

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