How to choose perfect commercial glass for your storefront

Before we begin telling you about which commercial glass is best for your storefront, let’s get some terms cleared.

What exactly is commercial glass and why is it so important?

Commercial glass or as we also say commercial glazing is a process of installing window glasses to any commercial building. This commercial building can be your storefront or some multi-story building. Every commercial building needs commercial glass. There is no question about that. No building can stay glass-less, but the only question that arises is what type of glass best suits your requirements.

People often make mistakes here. They straightaway go to the shops and bring whatever glass they feel is appropriate depending on the look of the glass. Before you go and buy a glass for your storefront make sure you know which glass is used for what purpose.

We understand it might be difficult to choose from all of these glasses. We have made it easier for you to choose the best commercial glass for your storefront. Just keep tagging along and you’ll know what we are talking about.

The very first point is to keep in mind what purpose your commercial glass will solve. Every storefront glass solves some or other purpose. Decide what it is for you. The basic function of any storefront is to be able to display the things that you have in store. Apart from this the other purpose that storefront commercial glasses solve is; they provide safety and privacy.

Look for the glass finishes

This depends on the type of your store. If you have a retail store the choice of glass most probably would be clear or transparent glass. This allows people to see through what your store has to offer to the people.

If you are choosing for office suits or other non-retail buildings, then your choice will be more tinted or frosted glass. People with office suites require more privacy as compared to retail stores.

4 types of glass that you can choose from

Annealed glass

This is the most common glass and can be used in many applications. This type of glass is also known as sheet or float glass. This glass is way less expensive than other glasses. This glass is considered flexible and versatile because of its ability to be cut into any shape or size.

Tempered glass

This type of glass makes your storefront a lot safer and is often required when the store is near the ground. This glass is safer than annealed glass and when and if this glass breaks it breaks into many tiny pieces, making it safe for people around it (if any).

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is nothing but two sheets of annealed glass applied to either side of the strong film that seals the pieces together. The film, or interlayer, is typically polyvinyl butyral (PVB), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). 

When this glass breaks it can be hit over and over again and it will still stay in place as the laminated sheet will hold the glass in place.

Security glass

Laminated glass and tempered glass can be referred to as security glass sometimes. However, the true security glass products include products with layers and layers of glass which is very difficult to break.

What are the common glass styles?

Another common type of storefront glass is insulated glass. These types of glasses allow the heating and cooling system to take place more quickly. Some of the products of insulated glass are:

  1. Treated glass
  2. Dual-pane glass
  3. Gas-filled glass

Choose an expert for your commercial glass carefully

Choosing the best glass for your shop is no big deal. You can contact our professional team at Interglass. We have highly skilled technicians who are always ready to help you. They will guide thoroughly about all the features and uses of different glasses that you may not know.

No matter what your glass type need is, we are always at your service. You can always contact us at +971 6 743 4004 or you can also use the online contact form. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can.


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