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  • 26 Mar 2022
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Antique Mirror : What Kind of Mirror Is It?

Antique Mirrors are a visually pleasing, and often quite decorative item. They also come with their fair share of history.


Mirror history is not just a story about makeup and vanity. It follows the story of humans’ evolving understanding of light, matter, and their own reflections. Mirror history is also a story about the human desire to represent themselves visually in connection with other humans, nature and deities.

What is an antique mirror?

Antique mirrors are made with glass that is shaped in a convex manner. The shape of the mirror focuses light and images into one, making it easier to see one’s reflection. Antique mirrors have a frame that often contains elaborate detail. These frames can be embellished with gilded accents, filigree, and intricate patterns.

Antique Mirror Applications

Antique mirrors are a beautiful addition to any room. They make the space feel more comforting and cozy. The antique look of the mirror also adds a nice touch to any room’s d├ęcor. The most popular use for an antique mirror is in the living room as a place for aesthetic appeal. This can be especially nice if you have a larger living area and don’t have these necessities in other rooms of your home. A vintage mirror can also be used as a decorative focal point above the fireplace or near windows.

What are the types of antique mirrors?

There are three different types of antique mirrors. One type is a convex mirror which has an edge that causes the object on the other side to appear closer than it really is. The second type is a concave mirror which makes objects appear more distant than they really are. The third type is a plane mirror which doesn’t change what it reflects. The most common type is the beveled mirror. Antique mirrors was not usually not made with glass, but instead a piece of polished metal . The back is usually polished, which gives it an antique look. Beveled mirrors were used for more than just decoration; they were also used for storytelling. Nowadays coatings or tints are applied on to normal mirrors to make the mirror look as if it has deteriorated with age.


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