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  • 20 Nov 2020

Aluminium Powder Coating vs Spray Painting

There are a different methods and ways of achieving aluminium sheet metal in the desired colour. To better understand which sheet metal finishing technique is best for the manufacturing of your product Let’s discuss the benefits, and the main reasons to consider powder coating over spray painting for your aluminium surfaces.

Spray Painting

Painting is the most common traditional process of applying liquid paint to a metal product for finishing. Most industries including sheet metal fabrication processes uses a spray, pump to deliver the wet paint evenly.

The process of painting involves cleaning the surface thoroughly and applying primer before spraying the paint on the surface. The major advantage of painting is that there is no size limit for the application surface

For large aluminium products, painting might be the best solution to apply colour to the entire object or material.

Powder Coating

Powder coating technique have several advantages over traditional liquid spray painting. Lets take a look at the key benefits of using powder coating over paint.

Powder coating is the process of spraying negatively electrostatic charged paint in powder form to the positive charged aluminium material. The powder can be of products such as polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, and acrylic

The powder coat ensures a strong layer of coating over the aluminium compared to spray paint. Hence powder coating is ideal to use in adverse conditions

Powder coat technique is more eco friendly compared to traditional paint since there are no chemicals involved in the electrostatic process

Powder coated products can withstand years of service with minimal wear and less maintenance compared to standard paint application.

The Verdict

The best choice of treatment whether spray paint or powder coat depends on various factors and product characteristics that need to be considered in the selection process.  Feel free to contact our technical experts for more information and personal advice about the process


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