largest Replica Watches Seller Offers Help And Aid To Japan

While the world was watching the event unfold, the clock was still ticking and dark was descending upon other parts of the world, no one could have imagined such a catastrophe awaits the Japanese shorelines and all people could do was look at their watches and say, pity Japan.

Weeks after the disaster, an overwhelming amount of aid poured into Japan from parts of the world. Businesses and general public worldwide supported several “Aid for Japan” events while some groups travelled to Japan to assist the devastated nation in need.

Looking down on the events, “We could not have just sat down doing nothing for Japan, who have supplied us with years of excellent raw materials for our luxury watches,” quoted our Sales Manager Tablu Singh.

On April the 3rd 2011, a donation under the “Aid for Japan” for 10,000 USD along with survival kits were handed to our Japanese suppliers who officially handed down our small contribution to the Japanese public for further distribution.

has been supplying the world with top quality Japanese and Swiss replica watches with Japan being their top suppliers for raw materials.

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