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On Saturday, October 10, we’re asking iReporters to set aside an hour or two of their time to volunteer or donate to a charity. We’ll provide more details as the date nears, but want to start spreading the word.

So, think about what you’d like to do on October 10. You can pick up trash, mentor a child, or help out at a soup kitchen whatever you’d like!

Share your volunteer ideas in the comments below and check out the Assignment Desk for additional details soon. And, if you’re on Facebook, feel free to RSVP to the volunteer event.

Americans should be ashamed.

it is really sad that Our President is constantly being disrespected by racist people. Even some folks within our government system are coming out their shell with racism. They won’t stop at nothing to embarrass our President.

The way they are treating our PResident is the way blacks have to live all the time by some whites. I think CNN and MSNBC are doing a fair job.

President Obama puts President Bush to shame. Bush was the most arrogant illiterate President of my time. But he was respected because he was our PResident. I respected him and not once thought to undermine and disrespect him. I demand the same for President Obama.

We are different but bleed the same color blood. You racist folks need to get a grip. Diversity and Color folks are hear to stay so stop making their lives miserable. They deserve the same treatment on their jobs with promotions, when shopping, etc.

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