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Governor Palin holds her youngest child Trig during a bill signing for Senate Bill 265, the omnibus crime bill, on the Capitol steps, in Juneau today. Also pictured, from left, Rep. Bill Stoltze, RChugiak, Sen. Hollis French, DAnchorage, and Alaska State Trooper Christopher Umbs. (AP/Chris Miller)

Gov. Sarah Palin has given her blessing to a sweeping crime bill, one of pieces of two criminal justice legislation passed this year.

It started as a sex offender bill by Sen. Lesil McGuire, an Anchorage Republican, but eventually became an omnibus measure to include offerings from several lawmakers.

The House and Senate unanimously passed the measure.

McGuire said the bill’s passage was an example of how lawmakers can set aside differences for a common cause.

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In some quarters that’s at risk; as when “stooges” planted in audiences shout down speakers with whom they have “issues”. Regrettably, it happens in some of our universities; places where freedom should be recognized and cherished.

Which, perhaps, explains how some of that attitude spills over into more and more public places. In the end it’ll be what brings this country down. The process seems to be quickening. Of course a free press will be among the early casualties.

Probably starting with the elimination of blogs.

Piper was there though not mentioned in this photo description.

ADN AK Ear mentions People magazine was in town last week and it would be about Trig. That explains why your governor chose to sign the bill with kids in tow. Talk about SB 265 re: exploitation of children. This picture will most likely end up in the article.

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